Failure when trying to connect to a Public Wi-Fi (Lawnchair Launcher)

Hello, I recently acquired an /e/ Fairphone 3+ and I am really proud of it.

Unfortunately, I have a problem when attempting to connect to a public wifi.
Usually, when I choose a public Wi-fi network, a windows pops out and asks to accept (or refuse!) terms and conditions.

I have been trying to connect first through Bliss native Launcher and it works fine. But then I used Lawnchair Launcher instead, and it does not show such window, nor in a “pop up” window neither on my web browser (Firefox Daylight 85.1.3).

Am I missing something? Thank you for your help!

You could check whether Lawnchair has the ‘Notifications’ permission (Settings > Apps and notifications > Lawnchair > Notifications)

@petefoth Lawnchair has the “Notifications” permission so I guess this is not related :frowning: thank you by the way!