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Honouring the works of Marcel Bokhorst (M66B) · Discussion #754 · MuntashirAkon/AppManager · GitHub (link to XDA thread inside).


Great shame, a real loss.

I cant believe some morons sent him death threats. Those people need sectioning at the very least.

It would have been better if he had made an F-Droid repository as well as make apps available on alternative platforms to include direct downloads from his sites. Why punish the users for something Google did?

He addressed this point in this XDA post

If the app can’t be in the Play store anymore, there is no point in continuing supporting this app because about 99% of the users download the app from the Play store.

This later post is worth a read. It explains why he has decided to stop. He is not “punishing” anyone - he is making sensible decisions about how he wants to spend his time:


@petefoth It is his time and they are his apps. He can do as he wishes. I can understand the situation, but it would be nice to have alternative methods to keep these apps alive. Anyone have suggestions?

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Alternative methods to forking it to keep it alive, which is possible already?

There might still be movement, by the way, see FairCode.


@AnotherElk I am sure this will be great news for a lot of people. I am cautiously optimistic.
Thanks for sharing.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:, things get sorted and he decides to continue developing his apps, though perhaps with a better work/life balance.


Marcel fortunately resumed development as of May 30 after he sorted things out with Google (see his documentation of what happened).

Still this should tells us how fragile the situation is with privacy-concious devs like him being that dependent on Google. And how few alternatives we actually have which are privacy-friendly and actively maintained.

If you can afford it, please buy his pro add-ons or donate voluntarily, same goes for other devs with similar projects like AdAway, AFWall, Shelter etc. and /e/ of course. All financial support to those channels are an investment into an privay-preserving ecosystem, which is as we see always at risk to get smacked by BigTech.


Done already. Been using Netguard and FairMail both w/ pro features for a while now and can only recommend it!

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