Fairphone 3 "boot to fastboot" should be "Volume -" + "Power"

For me there is an error here:

It should read “Volume -” and not “Volume +”.

I had to use “Volume -” on my last install anyway. The referenced How-To ([HOW-TO] Flash /e/-OS on Fairphone 3 using Debian based GNU/Linux) also mentions “Volume -”.

It could be worth mentioning both, just in case.

This image helped me realize that there are several bootloader modes: https:// tektab .com /2015/10/31/android-bootloaderfastboot-mode-and-recovery-mode-explained/

You are linking to line 29 “recovery_boot” … for booting into recovery “<kbd>Volume Up</kbd> + <kbd>Power</kbd>” is totally correct. It just isn’t needed to install /e/ on the Fairphone 3, the TWRP reference currently found in the install guide is an error, to be removed.

Notice how line 14 “download_boot” says " <kbd>Volume Down</kbd> + <kbd>Power</kbd>" … which is correct for booting into Fastboot Mode aka bootloader.

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Well, I may have misunderstood the documention, but the description here did not work for me

In particular

The device reboot automatically. :heavy_check_mark:

It will show a warning. :heavy_check_mark:

Press Volume + or Volume - to display boot options, select fastboot and confirm with Power to reboot on fastboot :negative_squared_cross_mark:

When the warning is displayed, I can pause the boot, and then resume it. Then it tries to boot and fails. I can then start it again, or factory reset. If I try “Volume +” or “Volume -” in the warning state the device powers off. In the other menu, fastboot is not an option.

The only way I found to access fastboot is “Volume -” + “Power” from the powered down state.

No idea what TWRP is, but it looked a lot like what I had to do. But the additional boot to fastboot key combo could be added here: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/documentation/user/-/blob/master/_includes/templates/before_install_FP3.md

Or possibly that whole templates/before_install_FP3.md overrides the use of “download_boot” as per the _data file.

[EDIT] It is indeed the case. The string assosciated with download_boot is nowhere to be found in the FP3 manual.

A search for "With the device powered off, hold <kbd>Volume Down</kbd> + <kbd>Power</kbd>. Release when boot logo appears." only finds https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3 which is not a page that you look up during installation.

Did you have updated to Android 10 before you tried to install /e/?
I think the boot sequence/behaviour with unlocked bootloader differs a bit, i.e. my guess is the description only matches 100% when coming from Android 9 stock rom.

Yes indeed :slight_smile:
That must be the reason why it was different.
FP3 android 10 updates are being rolled out. It may be worth updating the wiki for those new potential users.