Fairphone 3, /e/OS: Has someone managed to get the patched Play Store from NanoDroid working correct?

To install and run some bought apps from Play Store I installed the patched Play Store from NanoDroid https://gitlab.com/Nanolx/NanoDroid
But it does not allow to install bought apps although they are listed in the “My Apps” tab as bought. https://gitlab.com/Nanolx/NanoDroid/-/issues/171

I tried it with the latest /e/OS and with LineageOS 17.1 (both Android 10), rooted with Magisk. On both systems the Play Store shows the same issue.
The described fix does not help

The patched Play Store works flawlessly on both of my old phones
Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300), /e/OS 0.7 (Android 7.1.2), rooted with LineageOS addon-su
Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (SM-G901F), LineageOS for microG 16 (Android 9), rooted with LineageOS addon-su