Fairphone 3 FP3 support on /e/

It’s a part of LineageOS, they don’t upload all their own Apps to the stores.
Trebuchet is here … https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-lineageos-15-trebuchet-laucher-rom-t3667436.

I’m quite happy with Lawnchair … might not be maintained anymore for F-Droid, but does the job and is very customisable.


Ive grown quite fond of lawnchair within the last 24hours…its kinda sad, that there is no decent, active launcher. I checked librechair, but havnt gotten past this weird telegram channel, where youd download the apk. That does not really seem trustworthy, nor professional…

Do you count Lawnchair among the decent?
Anyway, they are active, just not via F-Droid anymore … https://lawnchair.app/

I installed /e/ on a FairPhone, this is really great. Many thanks!!

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Yes that included lawnchair, with active == actively maintained, which they arnt anymore on fDroid.

In nearly two months you ported the /e/ OS de-googled for Fairphone 3. Outstanding achievement and great work. :smiley:
Donated 25 euros - should be the least I can do.

Some things you did quite well:

  • Driver support (Camera, sensors, LED indicators, Wi-Fi, cellular network, etc.)
  • Bliss launcher is a easy to use UI
  • Location services with Mozilla Locations
  • microG is a data protecting open source alternative to Google GMS services.
  • Choose different DNS server
  • Alternative forked de-googled apps from Lineage OS system

Some things that you can improve:


Today I installed /e/os on my brand new FP3 - after setup and tuning my favorite apps, I was quite convinced about the integration of the hardware. But then I launched GPS-related apps (OSM and more…) and found, they didn’t work properly. In the same place, where my old phone finds 30+ sats (mesured by satstat-app), FP3 with /e/ shows 5 sats and doesn’t fix with one of them. Did I do something wrong in settings (Location: accurate [device and wifi/gsm])?

Can’t confirm, works fine for me.
Did you reboot the phone already?

You could use GPSTest and SatStat to have a look at which satellites the phone sees and uses for a location fix.

Hello AnotherElk,
thank you for this hints. As of this morning, localisation is working with gps, glonas and beidou. I don’t know, what has happend over night… :wink:

Just received my FP3 and I love it :slight_smile:

Only bad news is that I had one app I paid for in the Play Store and can’t get the premium version of on my new phone.

The app is Automate and it says I can’t purchase it because the play store’s payment API is not implemented.

Is there anything that can be done for this on /e/'s side? I asked the app developer (see discussion) but they say it’s not easy to implement another payment method on their side.

Did you look here: purchased-apps-from-google-play-store ?

The methode with transferring apk to /e/ with microG works perfect for all my apps.


thanks for these detailed comments! i’m sure that will help the team a lot

I’ll get a look, thanks for the tip!

EDIT: hum in fact I already searched there. Logging with my “goolag” account is out of the question since the main reason for switching to /e/ is breaking free from these guys. I’ve tried other solutions in comments but none seem to work for me. Which solution did you use?

I’m in the comfortable situation, to switch from a googled device to an ungoogled one. So I was able to copy all payed apps via apkshare to my new device. Btw.: not all payed apps run on the google-free device, but the majority does.

I’ll give a try to apkshare then thanks ofr the tip.
I’m in that same situation as you (two phones) but the difference is that my old phone is not only old, it’s ancient :laughing:
So I’m migrating apps from Android 4 to 9. Should be an interesting test…

fingers crossed! Good luck for you!

Bad luck… didn’t work.
Also, goolag hides the open-source apkshare. Searching for it by name in the play store does not show the list of options but directly redirects to a chinese app instead…
One has to search for the app author to find it. Disgusting.

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apkshare via f-droid

This should do the job.

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+1 for graphical animations, it is very slow.
OpenCamera is not so good too (slow).
Let user delete preinstalled (or disable) all apps and microG.
Let user delete all /e/ services. I don’t use it, but have some ping to /e/ services.

Thank you very much!