Fairphone 3 FP3 support on /e/

Hello @ninorode59, our @Manoj e/ support & community leader is a good contact point …

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll ask him.


(and the required 20 characters: sdvvsrffwrgrewghresdf) :wink:


+1 for /e/ on Fairphone 3

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+1 for the FP3, i would like to see /e/ support on this device :calling:

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@rhunault check this request list for FP3 support - not sure we have such a long list for any other device…


Hi, I’m new to this community but quite active with the Fairphone one.

As I saw several posts here that said Fairphone as a company asked their users what OS they’d like to have for the FP3, that’s not exaxtly true. The poll was set up by community members. So I wouldn’t say “first they asked and now they’re not listening” :wink:

Other than that: yes, there are first attempts at compiling the FP3 kernel to be used as base for a Lineage port. But as far as I know that hasn’t succeeded yet.


+1 for /e/ on Fairphone 3

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This news is not good for this thread :frowning:

Servus @Ingo_FP_Angel, this announcement will be disappointing for some FP3 users, as they hope to be able to use their device with /e/ OS ROM soon. But the last word has not yet been spoken and we want to look at the matter in a leisurely fashion. Nevertheless - thank you very much for transparency is respected and honest information.

In case anyone is interested in the “gory details”, this seems to be the topic that is currently used to exchange information/progress on working with FP3 sources: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp3-custom-rom-development-based-on-released-source-code/56355?u=ingo


…and there seems to be at least a TWRP for FP3 now. I think that’s a start…

EDIT: and even better: a first LineageOS installation on FP3 has already been successful](https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp3-custom-rom-development-based-on-released-source-code/56355/202). So still getting closer… :wink:


I have my FP2 since 4 years and if the hardware is outdated since a long time, I can say that from OS point of view, it is the most upgradable phone by now ! It has started with Android 5 and has been up to Android 9 with Lineage OS … and also other OSs. What I want to tell you is that FP3 is very young so we need to be patient to get FP OS as I suppose that Fairphone doesn’t have an army of developers and more patient for someone to develop Lineage OS and then eelo … So believe in FP3 but not too fast.

+1! :star_struck:
Fairphone owner from Vienna, Austria.

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There are even preview versions of Lineage OS 17.1 (a.k.a. Android 10) available running very nicely. :slight_smile:

I guess that I was already on eelo which is why I didn’t noticed the 17th version.
FP2 is great for the so many OSs and it seems that FP3 will be better with its hardware !
But it seems that having eelo on FP3 will take a long time …

Fairphone official bootloader unlock available at:


Once the bootloader is unlocked, at least a few GSI images successfully boot on the FP3

For those who are willing to fiddle around, this might help in case of emergency :wink:

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FP3 is now on the list of devices to be ported to /e/.
Will pass on all the urls on this thread to the team working on it.


:+1: I’m waiting for the FP3 to be supported before switching to /e/.
Please make this happen!

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