Fairphone 3 interrupts phone calls

Dear all, I am very regularly experiencing a problem with my Fairphone 3 using /e/: My phone calls are interrupted regularly. It happens with different numbers and incoming outgoing calls as well as. I have written to my network operator, and they state that the net is working perfectly in the indicated positions. Therefore they say it depends on my phone. It looks like these problems appear a bit generally on the Fairphone 3 (see here). It’s quite annoying as you can imagine which is why I am thinking about changing my smartphone. However, before I do so, I thought it might be useful to address the issue here. Maybe someone has faced (and evene solved?) the problem.

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What does “interrupted” mean exactly?

Does it hang up? Or isn’t it receiving/sending audio anymore?

Which version of /e/ are you using? Pie or Q build?

By “interrupted” I meant hung up. Sometimes I get the audio announcement: “The number you have called is not available…”

I am using the /e/ version based on Android 10.

Not really a solution but you might give it a try:
in this thread https://forum.fairphone.com/t/there-is-no-connection-for-the-number-you-have-dialed/66324/13 the remaining option to test was to disable 4G (at least temporarily to see if it helps).

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Thanks a lot, ff2u! This indeed helped. Since three weeks by now, my phone calls are no longer interrupted. I have to live with a slower internet-connection, but this is not really a problem…