Fairphone 3+ Miracast Wifi Display support


Sorry for the link formatting. As a new user, I’m not able to put all the links in as links.

It seems that Lineage OS has added back the support for Miracast Wifi Display
lineageos (dot) org (slash) Changelog-26
“(18.1 too) Wi-Fi display is available for all devices which choose to opt-in, via either the Qualcomm proprietary interface or the newly restored legacy Miracast interface!”

I can see two currently closed tickets on the e gitlab backlog issues 1232 and 2506

Additionally I can find a commit enabling the support for Miracast
e gitlab devices android_device_fairphone_FP3 commit 67b653febf82a518cf21e37a590580587c68faad
and unfortunately for disabling it
e gitlab devices android_device_fairphone_FP3 commit 874706a149db75990a28228217bf48b1035c810f

What would it take for the support to be re-enabled again?

Would there be a way for me to test if this setting
would work without losing my data?

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Dear E Team,

I have a Samsung S8 and got today 1.7 Thanks.
As mentioned above now Miracast would be available. Is there a chance to get the Feature