Fairphone 3+ not allowed in my country

Hi, I was going to buy a Fairphone 3+ but this message appeared:

The product: /e/OS Fairphone 3+ is not allowed for your country

Why is this happening? Is there any way I could buy a Fairphone 3+ in the /e/OS shop from Spain?

Thank you

Hi there!
Try from the main Fairphone shop, I purchased it from there.
Una abraçada!

Hey, @JosepMSH! I did that, FP3+ is coming. Thank you :smile:

Btw, do you know why is this happening?

No idea sorry :S

But as a general tip, always look for the main font of everything (products, apps). Uses to be the more assured way.


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Your profile says “Basque Country”, on which side of the border are you? I’m asking because French law demands that earphones are included with every smartphone. I guess it would be logistically tricky (and coming with extra costs) for /e/ to adhere to that law with the small quantities they ship.

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Spanish side. I did not know about that law, that’s curious!