Fairphone 3+ Not detected on Windows 10

Hi there,

I’ve just bought a Fairphone 3+ with Android 10 on it, but want to install e/OS/.
I’m on Windows 10 Pro Version 1803, I know it’s an old version but I don’t want to update it at all. Anyway, I’ve managed to install the required update “Google, Inc. - Other hardware - Android ADB Interface” directly from windows update catalog online (via the install update GUI by adguard), and I still can’t see my phone on the device manager. Even when enabling the “see the invisible devices” option I can’t see it.

I’ve also enabled the USb debug mod on the phone and all the required options for Easy Installer. I even try to launch the software while on fastboost but it can’t detect my phone…

Any suggestions? (except updating windows)


Are you sure your USB cable is capable of data transfer and not just charging?


Yeah… My bad, I always forgot there’s cables only for charging and was using one I borrow from roommate, sorry for that.

Works perfectly fine now, thanks for your work!