Fairphone 3 ('ordinary') continued support?

I intend to buy a pair of Fairphones with /e/ preinstalled, and I’m hesitating between the brand-new Fairphone 3+ and last year’s Fairphone 3.

Aside fro a back cover with more recycled plastic, I can see the main difference between them lies in the new imaging system, which now has more pixels than the separate, dedicated camera I’m used to! -so that is not, in my case, a significant reason.
As the price difference is 50€, for two phones I’m quite inclined to save 100€.

The only worry I have is the following : will the /e/ team continue updating/correcting the OS for the ‘old’ Fairphone3 series, or will them be pushed by a much larger user base to focus on the 3+, one being (if I understand correctly) on Android 9 and the other on Android 10?

Any clue on this would be very welcome, all the more that I see FP3pluses start being delivered tomorrow :wink:


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The FP3 and FP3+ share most of the same hardware (with the exception of the updated modules). FP3 is expected to be supported just as long as the FP3+. If you buy a FP right now and want to run /e/ FP3 might be the easier choice as the upgrade of /e/ to the new android version isn’t running as smoothly as hoped. Soonish both phones will be running Android 10 under /e/. That at least is my understanding as a /e/ user with a FP3 ;-).

Though if you buy a FP3 now at least from the fairphone.com you will most likely get an Android 10 preinstalled First install on FP3 android 10

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Thank you adaschma!
If (when) I buy an FP I’ll buy it here on /e/, I definitely agree paying a bit extra to /e/, and have in addition the pleasure of getting /e/ pre-installed :slight_smile:

Devices on the supported list will get updates. FP3 and the FP3+ will both get the /e/ OS builds. The team is testing the FP3 and FP3 + builds ( pie and Q) and should release them for all users this week.

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Hello, I have a question about the e.foundation OS. I have a FP3 and I installed the un-googled version (with help from a friend). Installation went well initially but now I do run into a couple of problems.

  • The speaker (hands-free) does not work any more. Assistance of FP says they cannor help because I changed the OS and have to turn to e.foundation for help.

  • I do not know how to make a back -up, not using a google account, in case I have to reset to manifactur reset.

  • Sometimes the phone has strange pop-ups, and opening and closing of screens (unintentional) after which it switches to a black screen.
    Where can I find the help I need??

Jevve, maybe you should turn this question into a dedicated thread, because I fear the knowledgeable people around currently consider they answered my initial concern here…

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