Fairphone 3+ v. 0.17

Hello, bonsoir,

-livedisplay no longer works.

  • Cannot save mail attachments.
  • dark theme unusable.
    v. 0.17


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  • We have multiple open issues on mail attachments in the gitlab
  • Dark theme is also being worked upon
  • Live display issue on the FP3 has also been reported.
    BTW the FP3 v0.17 has been removed from the server as some users reported issues. You can check updates here

Yeah, already a long time. What I don’t understand is: why don’t you set the milestone of these UI changes to 0.18 or 0.19 (or even 0.20!) and develop and test that all in background until it works? Why do you test on the user’s back?

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Thanks for all your work and efforts Manoj and the entire team!

LiveDisplay ok
0.17 du 21 06

Texte illisible darktheme
0.17 du 21 06