Fairphone 3 with Android 9 support

Hi everyone,

I have a short question about using my Fairphone 3 with Android 9. I know there is the Android 10 out there to install and I will certainly do it at some point (in the course of the next half year, I guess). But at the moment, I am actually not bothered about continue using the Android 9 on my phone as long as there will be support from /e. Flashing my phone and setting up everything again will demand some time I am not ready to invest if it’s not totally necessary (everything works fine and I am a very satisfied user).

So, does anybody know if and if so, when the support for Android 9 on my Fairphone 3 will end and I should eventually switch to Android 10?
In general, are there any big advantages I am missing out on while using still Android 9, or are there other disadvantages using Android 9? I am just wondering?

Sorry, if I did not check carefully enough in case there are answers to my questions already out in the forum. Further, did I understood right that updating to Android 10 from Android 9 is only possible by flashing again and erasing all the application settings?

Many thanks to the people developing /e. It’s a great thing.


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You have to decide for yourself whether the advantages of Android 10 over 9 are more important. Android 10 is necessary if you bought the improved camera from the FP3.

Otherwise, you can continue to use Android 9 until there is an automatic update to Android 10.

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Is there any possibility to find someone who could make my Fairphone Googlefree? I am completely unable to do any such thing. I don’t understand most of the words in the conversations here. I just deactivated Playstore and then a couple of things don’t work anymore. And I have to reactivate it from time to time to get the newest version of SIGNAL. After activating and the redeactivating always something is going wrong. I would need some shop or service in Vienna where I could bring my Fairphone and they would make it completely Googlefree.

You could ask the Vienna Fairphone Angels whether they could do that for you …
https://forum.fairphone.com/t/the-fairphone-angels-program-local-support-by-community-members/33058 (<- zoom in and tap on Vienna on the map there for the email address).

@Fairphoner: Thanks for your response.