Fairphone 4 OTA

has anyone some information, when to expect a release of the Fairphone 4 /e/ OS, that will allow updates also as OTA?
In case there is something i can do, to help here, please drop me a message…

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To avoid confusion:

OTA updates should work as usual within the same major Android version.

OTA upgrades from one major Android version to the next (e.g. from Android 9 to 10 or from Android 10 to 11) have to be implemented by /e/OS developers for devices individually for user convenience, you can follow proceedings in https://community.e.foundation/tag/development-updates.
A fresh install might be seen as inconvenient, but will always be the first upgrade option which works for a device as well as the option causing the least trouble afterwards.

/e/OS versions don’t correspond directly to major Android versions. The same /e/OS version can be based on different major Android versions (as is visible in the release notes - Android 11 = r, 10 = q, 9 = p, 8 = oreo) depending on what’s available as a base to work with on each supported device.

That being said …


I just checked once more and now i am having the update to 0.22. Seems to me my Fairphone got my question as well. :wink: Sorry for the hassle :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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For future readers with OTA update problems:

  • Make sure the phone has a steady internet connection.

  • Try to refresh Settings - System updates (once there, it’s the icon in the top right next to the three dots).

  • Make sure any firewall App you might have running doesn’t block too much. If in doubt, turn it off for testing.

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Thanks for the details @AnotherElk
My main interest is to have the security updates and just right now the download is ongoing! :+1:

And make sure that the battery is at least at 80% full.