Fairphone 4 - Seedvault Backup to Murena Nextcloud fails


I discovered the new backup tool Seedvault in my new Fairphone 4 (current v1.5 from stable channel) which was not present in my previous phone.

Unfortunately Seedvault stops after around 15%.

I selected “Nextcloud” as the backup target (which is my Murena account). I also see an hidden folder “.SeedVaultAndroidBackup” on my eDrive with many folders inside. But after triggering the backup manually, Seedvault fails after around 15% and around 1,2 GB sent. I’m connected with WLAN and sitting directly besides the router. And I do have a storage subscription with plenty of free space left.

A backup to the internal storages works. (which I could upload via nextcloud app as a workaround)

Has anyone experiences with Seedvault aborting and have a solution?

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the prebuilt Seedvault apk that /e/ is shipped with is >1 year old. It was always there but hidden. If you hit a bug it would be worth it to check if the behaviour exists with newer versions too.

If you can attach with adb logcat to your device and make it “sync now” I’m sure you’ll see some log lines giving a hint why it doesn’t progress towards the webdav storage.

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That’s a bit over my current horizon, I wait the next bug fix releases v1.6 and v1.7, and then I’ll look into adb logcat and go deeper what’s going on. Luckily, it’s not a critical feature for me. Migrating with an existing Murena account to a new phone is more or less trivial.

But thank you for your answer!

Strangly Seedvault managed to do one successful backup at night while connected to power. But now new backup attempts fail instantly.

i’m on 1.7-s-dev with instantnoodlep same behavior here, my backup just fails.

@tcecyk how do i do a logcat? just attach my device with adb startet and start adb logcat in my shell where the device is connected? then i could get some logs and post them here.

backups would be really nice! :slight_smile:


yes that’s basically it. You first have to authorize the RSA key of the connecting PC, then loglines will show up