Fairphone Community AACHEN meetup 11/11/2021

There will be a Fairphone Community Aachen meetup this thursday at 1900 h at Pfannenzauber restaurant, Suermondtplatz 12, 52062 Aachen. At least 2 out of 6 who have indicated so far that they’ll show up are running /e/OS on their Fairphones (including myself, of course), so I hope @manoj and the team don’t mind when I post this here in the Murena Community, too:

If anyone of you is planning to come, feel free to let me know! :slight_smile:


Fairphone are our partners. We do not have any issues when links for their events are posted on this forum. Partnerships and cooperation is how w/e/ grows and the user benefit.


:de: Kurzer Rückblick auf den Abend:
:gb: A brief look back at the evening:

:de: … und falls es terminlich heute Abend nicht geklappt hat, aber Ihr in Kontakt kommen wollt mit unserer Fairphone Community Aachen, schickt mir einfach mal eine Nachricht – hier oder auch per E-Mail an aachen@fairphone.community :slight_smile:

:gb: … and if you were not able to make it tonight, but still want to get in touch with our Fairphone Community Aachen, don’t hesitate to message me – right here or email me at aachen@fairphone.community :slight_smile: