Fairphone stuck in unlocked boot loader & easy installer crashed

Whilst following the steps from the easy installer I reached the orange screen containing the following text : ‘The boot loader is unlocked and software integrity can’t be guaranteed (etc) Press power key to continue/pause.’. After a few seconds I always see the android x fairphone starting screen & this changes back to the boot text.

The easyinstaller crashed right after the installing e/ os bar was full & is now stuck at looking for device: which seems to be impossible with the phone continuously switching between boot & start screen.
I can reach the boot menu (with originally the green start header) by pressing down & power button but this doesn’t seem to help me.
Anyone had this issue before/ knows how to fix it?

-Update: managed to reinstall the Fairphone OS & will try installing /e another time, still interested in an answer.-
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This topic doesn’t have a direct hint for your problem, but if you can provide some of the information mentioned there, it might be a start to find the root cause.

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