Fairphone4 pre-installed with /e/ os : No Webcal compatible application (DAVx5)

Hi there,

First, thanks for the amazing job done there! I just purchased an amazing Fairphone 4 Murena /e/OS!

What I was trying to do:

When wanting to synchronize my subscribed calendars (WebCal) from Nextcloud via DAVx5 I got the message “No Webcal compatible application” (to open it)

What I expected:

That my synchronized DAVx5 Webcal calendars were displayed in /e/OS calendar app (the Etar fork)

What I did:

  • Install Nextcloud app on FP4
  • Install DAVx5 app on FP4
  • Subscribe to a linked calendar on Nextcloud (no matter which)
  • In Nextcloud app (FP4) follow the link to synchronize contacts and calendars via DAVx5
  • Successfully link your Nextcloud account in DAVx5
  • For testing purpose verify that normal agendas are synchronized with /e/OS Calendar app
  • Switch on Webcal tab in DAVx5 and see that calendars are correctly fetched
  • Click on checkboxes (to display it on /e/OS) and observe that it’s not possible to view those calendar in /e/OS

Here the result:
See gif above

What error message I got:
“No Webcal compatible application” literally translated from french

You need to install ICSx5 from F-Droid

Many thanks!!! I tried to mark this post as resolved but with no luck.

Anyway thank you again!