Faraday Bags vs Tracking Surveillance

Some Thoughts on Faraday Bags and Operational Security by Micha Lee Technologist at The Intercept who met up with the man in Moscow. Note his preparation for the meeting.


Quote: They’re made of a material that blocks electric fields from passing through it. Smartphones have a ton of different built-in radios: GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi, bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and others. Each of these communicates wirelessly by sending and receiving information through the air in the form of radio emissions on different frequencies. If you put your smartphone inside of a faraday bag, it might be listening for incoming radio emissions, but none will reach it, and it might be attempting to communicate to the outside, but all of its messages will fail to penetrate the bag.
But here’s an important caveat: Your phone could be listening to your conversations and storing them on disk, waiting for an internet connection. As soon as you take your phone out of your faraday bag, it can use the internet to upload recorded audio to your attacker.

So, now you might think that you are up to speed having read the article and perhaps noted the year 2015? Is there any more useful stuff out there in 2020? Whilst browsing researching Data Security LIVE via Tails and Tor I stumbled across a forensic science site Avatu (and also EnCase)
selling all manner of forensic kit – not sure of what I was looking at or the implications I checked out some product brands and found one in the UK that seemed like the dog’s danglers: Ooopps – sorry people manoj does not want you to know which one I like!
I take the view regarding phone or device security and privacy that if it is the best available for the likes of F1 Formula One and Forensic Level Security for sixty govs then it sure is good for eFoundation and it’sFOSS readers to know about even if our manoj disapproves.
All of this equipment is for the forensic science labs of Spooks Inc but along with the apps and software they use should give our readers an insight of what these spooks are (publicly) capable of? Without considering the Corporate Partners of the NSA via Special Source Operations codenamed S35. Yes these Faraday bags will stop even the NSA tracking you though sadly only while your device is in the bag.
Stepping back from this high end spook stuff for something more easily digestible:- investigations revealed on YEWTUBE & also INVIDIOUS:



The last couple of minutes gets interesting so stay with it – cool – award yourself 10 points if you spot some of the equipment mentioned above – and an extra point if you spot the bright yellow one? If you then do a little digging on their own website you will be able to find out how they test their bags and even download a pdf file of such.
All we need now is a method or an acoustic layer to nullify the microphone and a plan for escape from the Care Home that does not entail digging a tunnel or other super cunning Baldrick plan? :crazy_face:

With bottle of whiskey in one hand - “Just one question, Fletcher”, he asks. “What did they do with all the earth they dug out ?” “Easy, Mr Mackay”, our hero replies. “They dug another tunnel, and put it down there” :thinking: :grinning: :laughing: :joy: :wink:


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Hey Guys – Just a small update as the two UK made forensic grade Faraday pouches arrived a couple of days ago. I eagerly put my phone inside and called it with my wife’s phone which duly said my phone was unavailable at this time. Partially withdrawing my phone from the pouch I switched it on and could see from the top bar that there was no signal from provider or GPS – mission accomplished! As expected missed call notification and text notification of recorded message duly displayed as connection re-establishes.
For good measure the phones were swapped and experiment repeated with the expected result.
As I only briefly hooked up my phone back in 2014 to my new car via bluetooth – not bothered since novelty wore off talking to the car – could e community let me know of any other tests I should undertake. :thinking:
Leaving my old S3-mini in the pouch for 15 hours found that the old battery was still at 99% which should allay the fears of some who thought it would discharge the battery continually searching for a connection. :relieved:
Wish you all well at this time, wherever you are – Stay Safe. Yes; You and your devices! Buy a Faraday bag. :+1:


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