Fate grand order Blitz error

Hello, I recently switched to /e/ and am happy yet tho I have one problem. I installed Fate/Grand Order from the “Apps” application but when I want to start it I only get an error telling me that bliss stoped. I also tried installing via Aurora Store but that installation has the same issue. Does anyone know a workaround?

Bliss is crashing, because the app crashes and want start an email app for sending crash report.

It seems, that the app won’t work without original goolag play services.


Oh ok too bad since that game is pretty fun. But if it won’t work, I can life without it

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Not sure why but I decided to check this particular app.
Crashes are not related to Google. First tested on /e/OS Pie. Logs showed lots of drawable errors so I assumed it was graphics related.
Tried game on four ROMs (Nougat, Oreo, Pie) on three devices. Both Google and Google-free. It did not run on any of them. Log checking didn’t help in finding the cause. No errors directly related to the game, no consistency among the ROMs (drawable errors were only on Pie).

Saw that the ROMs tried to go into landscape mode before the crashes. One launcher was left partially non-functional (no long-presses).

What’s wary to me is the email the devs want users to send on crash. Non-human readable crash reports and the overly long subject line with instructions seems iffy. What kind of info is in those octets?

Probably best to live without this game.

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Did some searching. Apparently Error Code 43 means you have USB Debugging and/or Developer Options turned on (obviously the latter to get to the former). As a test I turned off USB Debugging and then disabled Developer Options. The game still doesn’t work with an Error 92. That one involves modified apk or Xposed installed. That was enough for me.
Don’t plan to do more tests. Apparently the game wants your phone to be completely clean/stock before it’ll run. Even unlocked seems to be enough to keep it from running.

IMO that is quite lame.

Additional Error Codes and comments. Lots of folks having problems on Android and iPhone.