[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Add Mojeek, and other search engines, to the /e/OS browser

In order to offer quality choice to the user when it comes to privacy, but also and above all to give better visibility and support to this service, I propose that we add (alongside Spot, Qwant and DuckDuckGo) Mojeek, a search engine that respects privacy and that, on top of that, has its own index, without depending on Bing or anything else.


I might also suggest:

  • Cliqz, the German search engine (created by the same team behind the browser with the same name), which also has its own index : beta.cliqz.com
  • Swisscows, the Swiss search engine that respects privacy while having a user-friendly interface : swisscows.ch
  • Ecosia, the famous German ecological search engine, which plants trees : www.ecosia.org
  • Lilo, the French search engine that focuses on solidarity and mutual aid : www.lilo.org

What do you think?

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