[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Add SMS to the sharing list

Hi everyone.
I’m somehow missing the possibility to have SMS on the list for sharing things, in general, but for contacts in particular.
Am I the only one?

In general, Message shows up in share lists, depending on the app. Browser, Gallery, etc.
Confirmed that it does not show as a share option in Contacts.

Curious though, why would you need Message to show as an option. Each contact has a dial, video call, and SMS button. For group messaging one can select the contacts needed via the SMS app.

Say I would like to send the details of B contact to another contact A. And A iis not using no other message system than SMS.

This is what I did since many years

Another scenario, occurred right now: I have an SMS with some informations to be forwarded through Signal.

The procedure is as follows

Tap that particulsr SMS
Tap copy
Open Signal

Nothing complicate, of course, but a shortcut from SMS to any other messenger would be handy

Good news, it’s possible (kind of) ! Go into Message, choose a conversation, click on the “+” sign on the bottom left and click on “Attach a contact”.

Thanks Anonyme. I already discover it by the help of another forumer. But I’m glad you didn’t forget me. I really appreciate this sense of community

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