[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Block hidden calls


In my opinion, there is an absolutely essential function missing that shoud be integrated natively into the dialer : blocking hidden calls.

I sincerely hope that you plan to include this option in a next update. Almost all the manufacturer’s overlays include it, and it would be totally absurd to have to install an additional application for this.


Brilliant! Yeah, shouldn’t that be the default? e.g. unless a phone number is in my address book and it matches caller ID, I generally don’t want my phone to ring. +1.

The dialer is open source… I wonder how hard this would be to patch into the dialer (if that’s where it belongs).

Or maybe there’s a 3rd party dialer or call blocker (say, on F-Droid) that supports blocking private/hidden/unknown numbers?

I’m going to try Yet Another Call Blocker (you can find this on F-Droid – sorry, I can’t put 3 links in this post because I just created this account).

See also:


That function is already there: in Dialer app, choose Settings (from the three dots menu) | Blocked numbers, then switch on the ‘Unknown’ setting, which will block calls from unidentified callers. (I assume this just means calls with Caller ID withheld, but it might also apply to any numbers that aren’t in your contacts . I don’t use this feature so you’ll have to experiment :slight_smile:)