[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Calendar: add organizer in attendees of an event created by opening ics file

When you receive an invitation by e-mail, in general the invitation is attached as ics file.
You can download and open the file with Calendar and save the event.
If they are some other attendees to the meeting/event, they can be listed in ics file depending the system (mail provider, client mail) used by the organizer.
And these atteendes are added in the event in the calendar. But the organizer is not added.
Which mean you can’t send to everybody quite easily an update or a short mail from the event in Calendar app. The organizer will always be missing…

The idea is so to include a Organizer field in the event and fill it with the name/mail of the organizer if it available in ics file. This is particulary useful for offline calendar.

If you are interested, like the idea or post some comments!

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