[FEATURE PROPOSAL] disable loading and displaying (external) images _by default_ in K9-Mail

Currently the default setting for a new account in Mail (K9) is that external embedded images are loaded and displayed automatically by default. So external (possibly personalized) URLs are being called which gives the sender the possibility to get information about the fact, that and when the recipient read the message.

Personally most of the time I’m interested in the text message or attachments but almost never in the external images of (mostly) advertisements.

K9 has the feature to disable auto loading images and then displays a button to load the images afterwards (if any are included) which – agreed – reduces ‘comfort’ a bit but gives a lot more privacy. Which is why I really think that auto loading should be disabled by default – following the slogan: “Regain your privacy!”

The mentioned setting is in “Account Settings” → “Reading mail” → “Always show images” → “No (Always display the Show pictures button)”

You may create a /e/ GitLab account (ask support@e.email if you can’t) and post your comment here : Setting "showPicturesEnum" should default to NEVER (#862) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab, or just “like” it :wink:

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I think K9 is not part of the /e/OS development… But FYI, the open source FairEmail, which I use, has this feature enabled by default (along with many others)

/e/'s Mail app is a fork of K-9, and it usually picks up K-9’s features and bug fixes eventually, though it’s a long way behind: the current /e/ App is based on v5.600 of K-9 which was released in September 2018, so it’s only three years behind :slight_smile: The latest stable K-9 release is 5.806 from 2nd September this year

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