[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Document scanner

Currently I am thinking about what photographic features a future /e/ should be able to master. I’d love to have a camera that has a quality superior to current OpenCam.
Ideally the camera will be capable to recognize QR and bar codes (https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/358)

But I was thinking about another feature: I would like to have a document scanner integrated into /e/. For now, I am undecided whether I want it to be a separate app or an integral part of a future camera app.

Purpose: I would like it to scan multi-page flip charts, white boards, photos, printed and eventually handwritten documents. It should combine multiple pages automatically into a single document (PDF or OpenDoc).

  • Ideally, it should be able to recognise corners in order to format the target documents in a genuine way.
  • Ideally, it is capable to correct the angle of the documents that they all appear being taken from the same perspective above (manually or automatically).
  • Ideally, documents can by OCR scanned.

As a reference I had in mind:

Please let me know what you think and what elements I missed out for now.

I wholeheartedly endorse this idea! A decent scanner + inbuilt voice recorder are already present in iOS app. I’m on Android and I use Office Lens many times every day. OL is a great scanner nowadays and worth replicating functionwise. Haven’t used Open Note Scanner.

Would be more than willing to give my two cents for building this being of no good in coding. And to test, of course.

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