[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Implementing dark mode

Hi ,

I’ve just bought a S7 from /e/ and I’m very satisfied. I have a feature proposal: add a dark mode with black screen and white/clear text, it is very pleasant for reading

THanks again for your effort

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Its probably there in the display settings under style.


as Elli already mentioned go to:

Settings -> Display -> Advanced -> Style -> Switch Style to Dark



Thanks for the answser;

it seems it is not implemented in S7:I have (translated from french) settings/display/ but not the advanced option. eventually I can go to livedisplay where I find color profile/display mode/color temperature and a sadvanced option color calibration. However non of them allow dark style I can just reduce color temperature to be less “blue”

I think the dark mode is under Oreo. For the moment, the /e/ official build for S7 is still Nougat…
I had a Leeco S2 and it’s only with an unofficial build under Oreo that the “advanced option” and “dark mode” appear.

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I’m also running on an S7 (edge), no “Advanced” option in Settings --> Display.

I’d also like to have a Dark Mode option, but if that’s coming eventually as part of a system upgrade to Oreo, that’s plenty good enough. thx.

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The dark mode doesn’t work in things like the contacts app. :frowning:


You can use for example SimpleContacts (and all other SimpleMobileTools). It has a build in dark mode.

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Hi, that’s what I finally opted for. Thanks :slight_smile: