[FEATURE PROPOSAL] No Account Notes App

Good Morning,

I have used the / and in my Note 3 for testing and I am loving the system I would like to propose the following.
I started using the system without any email account simply to see what I could do and use.
And I noticed that the app app could only use if you sign in with an account.
It would be great if we could use the app with no account associated well with the other apps that need account should give to use without associated account.

Thank you,


Yes. I am having same issue.

As I’ve already noticed in your other thread, the build-in eOS notes app is just a fork of Nextcloud Notes, which is part of the Nextcloud ecosystem. The need for an account is determined by deep integration with cloud server, which is part of Nextcloud conception that seems to be favored by /e/ developers too.

But I understand why you might not like it, so I suggest you just replace it with something else, like Carnet for example.



I install /e/ some weeks ago and I play a lot with all the functionalities and Notes of course had been tested. But since I needed an account I didn’t go further until today.
I agree that a Note apps without account would be nice even for people who are not confident with technology and who don’t know how to fill the fields to create the account.
So just something easy: open, write your notes.