Something I found useful and maybe shine up e os and make it a little more appealing to newcomers, and look/feel a little further from other ROMs.

Omniswitch thread on XDA

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Thanks @Luvsespresso It does sound useful.

Do you know if it gives control of buttons to switch location and NlP separately as well as other comms like WiFi and bluetooth?

I don’t think/know. It does navigate and has shortcuts, maybe a partial answer to the blisslauncer problem I have been reading about
All I found other than the other link XDA

I use OmniSwitch quite often on most of my ROMs that don’t otherwise include it. Been around for ages as it’s a part of OmniROM. Truly an all-in-one tool when you think about it. Handles recents (a la Slim Recents), app side bar (Favorites), access anywhere app drawer, and it’s also a minimal launcher. Perfect when you don’t need desktop icons or typical app drawer.
And icon pack support.

That said, if you read the various threads for these flashable OmniSwitch offerings you will see there are numerous issues trying to get it to work on LineageOS. Over the past year or so I could never get it to work. LOS and /e/ Nougat. Tried the Pie offerimg last month with Pi/e/ (ofc), still a no go. Even with the addition of a permissions file.
Over the years various LOS-based ROMs have (had) OmniSwitch included, like crDroid, FireHound, OctOS, Resurrection Remix, etc. so technically it’s possible if ROM is built with the relevant commits.

For me, OmniSwitch is almost a must-have, but have yet to get it to work on LOS and /e/.

Some old pics of OmniSwitch used as a launcher.

Sorry, one more from a current ROM, AOSiP Oreo.
The “app drawer” when OmniSwitch is not used as a launcher. App labels turned off. No matter what task you’re doing you can access your apps without going home first.

When OmniSwitch is built into a ROM then it’s offered as a Recents/Overview option, accessible via the Recents button. As a standalone one would have to figure a way to map the button. Otherwise only accessible via a drag handle (swiping from one of the edges for instance).
IMNSHO OmniSwitch would be a great addition.