Instead of looking endlessly for apps with ads to do this, it’d be nice if the /e/ system puts in place a systematic function to clear the RAM and cache space from the settings or using their own app/widget to do so.


When the phone lack of storage space, cache is automatically cleaned. You can also clean the cache manually.

And why the RAM should be cleaned ? For low RAM smartphone yes having all apps closed in the multitask is benefic, but you just have to tap “Close all” in the multitask.

I never understood the interest of these applications.


I agree totally. Since android3 I never have used or needed something to clean RAM or space


Something interesting from the description of LTE Cleaner app: “Android API 23+ (Marshmallow) no longer allows apps to clean other app’s caches, thus the claim of cleaners clearing them is completely false. The only thing they can clean: log files, temporary files, and empty folders.