[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Security Setting for Notes App


Is there a way to add security to the notes app like PIN code.

Not aware of any such feature in Notes app.

Is there any plan to add such feature in the next release? This is for the added security.

Future releases of the /e/ ROM will allow the user to uninstall system apps. This would mean that users if they want advanced apps can install as per their requirement. For e.g. I never use encryption in my sms and would be happy using a basic sms app but if the organization I work for requires an encrypted sms app then I can use that on /e/.

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In that manner can the other notes app able to sync with /e/ account?

/e/-Nougat has an operating-system-feature to lock apps (even the notes app) behind a pattern lock, so that selected apps can only be started after the pattern has been entered by the user.

You can enable this pattern lock in Settings -> Privacy -> Protected apps.
Be certain to remember the pattern. It seems like I can find no way to disable the pattern in case I forgot it.

However I am not convinced that this procedure adds security, since the notes are stored in readable plaintext files.

I can’t find the Protected Apps in the 0.2-201812282342. Do you have suggestions on a notes app that have encryption and can be sync to /e/ drive?

I’ll just use another notes app with encryption for my sensitive data and the default notes app for non-sensitive.

Thanks for the help.

The feature that able us to uninstall system apps, do you know what version will it be?

No, we do not have the version number details as yet.

Ok. Noted . Thank you.

I use a different sms app to the default one because I like it more and I have done the same for the phone and several other apps. I have disabled the default ones. Those I have installed work perfectly as far as I can tell. If uninstalling these apps is unsafe then it suggests that doing this deletes code that is not actually needed for the app’s functionality. Is there any simple explanation of what is happening?

What app did you end up using? I’m trying to find a secure notes app that will sync across apple devices and android