[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Start a Matrix instance


As Matrix is growing, maybe /e/ could develop its own Matrix instance ? Matrix seems to be very promising and powerfull with its interoperability and its bridges to connects to other apps (telegram, whatsapp, skype etc.)

For example, the telegram bridge works very well.

More information for those who want to discover Matrix, that’s here

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Since I’m about sefl hosting all my stuff, I tried Matrix and liked it a lot.

Right now I’m using a Matrix Synapse + Riot + Jitsi solution, all running at my own server at home.

And I use the WhatsApp bridge also (because of my family).

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Oh cool. I’ve tried to configure the whatsapp bridge without success. Do you know if it’s possible to use it through the matrix official instance or feneas or is it necessary to self host its own instance ?

You must run your own instance because the bridge (Mautrix) points to the Synapse server (Matrix) and this one must have configured an option (list of application service config files) to allow the connection.

There’s a great video with Matthew, from Matrix, walking users through the install process of all the stuff on Debian; check it out in https://youtu.be/dDddKmdLEdg

It’s a straigth forward, easy to follow, tutorial.

Great ! Thank you very much for this !

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Awesome idea. I’m also going to link the proposal for an XMPP server, which could be more resource efficient on /e/ servers, and overall might be a better protocol to bank on.

The link lol

I think this is a great idea to have a matrix chat