[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Use Discourse "Solved" plugin

Currently it seems we have to mark topics as [SOLVED] the old way by editing the topic title, which is less practical than Discourse’s Solved plugin.
This plugin not only makes it more likely for people to mark their question as solved, it also adds a pointer to the accepted answer right at the top of the page, which makes it easier for newcomers to quickly find the answer.
Another good thing is that the admin can select which categories will have it enabled, so it doesn’t clutter topics in categories that are not about problem solving.


Good suggestion. Let me check if this can be implemented.

Yes pls. Than I don’t need writing the user to add it manually to the post headline :smiley:

Good suggestion. How far have the checks progressed?

I’ve come to know that that the technical team will be asked to add the Discourse plugin if possible. We’ll see if it’s possible and if and when it is reacted …

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