Feature request: clear notifications from lockscreen (but not pulldown menu) when unlock phone

I’m used to an iphone where no matter how many notifications are showing on my lockscreen, when I unlock the screen and then re-lock it they are all cleared (though still accessible if I swipe down from the top of my screen to see recent notifications and also each relevant app still shows a badge on it if I haven’t actually opened it to see the specific notification). Is there a way to do this using e? It’s a bit of a pain to have to individually swipe every single notification. I’m using a fairphone 3.

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Please do not implement this “feature” - the way notifications work currently (and have worked since pre-Android smartphones) is useful, intuitive and well thought out.

You don’t have to dismiss them individually: navigate to the bottom of the list and a button/link appears on the bottom right saying ‘Clear all’. Selecting this will dismiss all notifications and clear the badges from apps.

Dismissing notifications when the phone is re-locked is not a feature - it is a bug! I decide when I want notifications cleared/dismissed. The OS should not dismiss them without my explicit permission, otherwise it is too easy for me to miss notifications.


Yep I agree, I didn’t realise there was a clear all button. Perhaps that could be put on the lock screen as well?