[Feature request] Mail app: allow more flexibility while deleting mails

The more mail accounts you have and the more mail messages you get you come to a conclusion: deleting mails in the Mail app is insufficient.

The Mail app has an account option which defines whether any deletion should affect the device only or the server. But a deletion is in many cases not related to the account but much more to the received mail message itself. And you can’t foresee what you will get on your account. That’s why these options are always wrong.

Currently you will in many cases use the delete from the device option and have a lot of post-treatment on a PC or similar where you keep the order in your mail boxes and archives.

The Need
The user must be able to decide depending on the situation - this mail message is crap, I want to delete it now from the server but that other mail is important, I want to delete it only from the device because I need it in the bureau next monday.

The settings in the account should have three optiions:

  • delete from the device
  • delete from the server
  • ask

And “ask” should be the default.

“ask” should be implemented in a popup dialog which has two buttons “Delete from device” or “Delete from server”. If someone doesn’t want the dialog he could use one of the two other account options.

The dialog should keep in mind the last used operation as default for the next time.

If the user wants a yes-no-confirmation the popup dialog should also play this role, I mean there shouldn’t pop up a second confirmation dialog after the first.

The mail client /e/ uses is a fork of either K9 mail (a well-known and reliable mail client), or K9 material (exactly what it sounds like, an unofficial version with a better interface).
If the /e/ team is able to modify the fork (provided it’s actually theirs) they can make that change. Otherwise, they’d have to fork the fork.