Feature Suggestion : Emergency Hard Reset



Hi everybody !

I thought about an emergency feature that would delete automaticly all the data (and eventually re-write them for more efficiency) when you enter your preset hard reset password.

I know this feature is clearly not a priority but in few years it could be on the top of the to do list so I’m suggesting it. It would definitely interested some “important” people (and even normal people), and be a main line feature.

For instance, your lockscreen password is “BestPasswordEver”, and your hard reset password (that you’ve chosen) is “MyDataIsMyData”. If somebody’s forcing you to tell your password but you know you have sensitive informations on your phone, you just have to give him the secret hard reset password “MyDataIsMyData” and when he will enter it, the phone will immediatly start the factory reset.

If we push the concept even further, it could show a fake session, in which we would have put fake important documents, apps, contacts, photos, etc so that the bad guy doesn’t know all the real data are being wiped in the background.


Hi Anonyme,

sounds like a helpful feature.
Please make featurerequests on gitlab, since that is the place where they are gathered and they might get overelooked here on the forum.

Here is a short tutorial on how to do that:


This is an awesome idea!