Feedback about an installation on a Samsung Galaxy S8 with easy installer


I want to share my experience of the installation of /e/ os on a Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-950F.
First of all, I want to say that its my first installation of /e/os. I have had to find the relevant mobile to test it. And, as I have finally managed to install it, the os looks convincing for 1 hour of testing.

I have tried 4 times to install the OS. 3 times on W10, 1 time on Unbutu. Each time, I have been stuck during the installation after "Appuyez sur " (See print screen and log file link below). Nothing happened after that. The only thing that have changed (3 times), its that the mobile started on TWRP.
I have finally found a solution in the forum (thanks to harvey186 : My First Install - #35 by harvey186) instead of reinstall the original ROM again and again.

  • Dowload the relevant ROM
  • Copy to the device via pc file manager
  • Install via twrp
  • Reboot system

And it works :slight_smile: and faster than the novel I wrote before.

No printscreen as a newbie is not authorized to put more than 1 image.
Image of the last line of the log file (I dont know how to upload a file in here)

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