FF3+ - Easy Installer (Mac Version) failed downloading

Hi all,
I just received a brand new Fairphone 3+ today with the intention to run /e/ OS on it. As I only have a Mac I downloaded the Easy Installer Mac Version. Phone was detected and confirmed this FF3 is supported. Next step, the download starts. The download status bar ist moving from left to right, but even after 1 hour there is no real progress.
Direct after starting, I get also a line below the status bar, saying “Error while downloading - Try again”
Do you know this problem? Any idea how to resolve it? Is the Windows version working better?

Looking forward to your ideas!

Many thanks and best regards

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Perhaps there’s something here …

Since Macs don’t seem to be too wide-spread around these parts, to say the least, the Windows version at least should have more users and thus be better tested.

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Your symptoms seem exactly like the ones another Mac user had recently. Unfortunately the person at some point stopped responding so we’re still a bit in the dark.

But you could take this post as a starting point

Edit: I just updated Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer with what we know by now.
With your help we might be able to fix this or at least update the troubleshooting doc with verified information.