FF4 Degoogled Pin needed

Hi everyone,

I hope I post this in the correct section. I bought my degoogled FF4 via E foundation and used it for the first a week ago. It’s asking for a phone (non sim) pin code which I have forgotten. Is there a way to either retrieve this or do a factory reset without screwing up all the normal settings that the phone came with in the box?

Many thanks!

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a factory reset will put you back to the moment you used the device the first time after opening the box. You will lose anything that you as a user did, but not any other “settings the phone came with”. If you uploaded your photos to ecloud you can recover them after entering your user in the “first-time-setup-wizard” that will run again.

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At this point in time with only the initial OS build just out recently for the device, most probably yes.

And in the sense that after a factory reset the phone will start with the initial user setup again, yes.

But not to oversimplify matters, a factory reset in the Android world doesn’t touch the installed OS, so it will not get the device back to exactly the state it was in after opening the box once changes to the initial OS install were made, e.g. via OS updates yet to come.
Just managing expectations :wink: .

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Great! This has been very helpful!