File and apps association

Hello evryone,
I tried to open an .amr audio file, but no audio app is proposed to open it. I 've got Magic Earth OpenKeyChain or Import OPML but not Music or VLC.
It is the same with some aif file I’ve got.

How could I get define the good default app to read these audio files?

Thanks !

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Maybe it’s because Music (LineageOS’ Eleven) does not support those formats, but I don’t know.

And sorry for not answering the topic :sweat_smile:


I wanted to see if it was possible to add extensions in Settings > Apps & notifications > See all > VLC/Music > Advanced > Open by default, but looks like it’s not.

Can VLC or Music at least play the file ?

According to VLC’s description, it can play AMR files. Maybe the app doesn’t register itself in the system as a handler for all the filetypes it can play. I don’t know.

Hi everyone,
Vlc can’t play such file but I don’t know how to link the app the format.
On the other hand, other application like Magic Earth which has nothing to do with the format are listed to open it.
I’d like to change that strange behavior.
How to do it? That is the question.