File and apps association

Hello evryone,
I tried to open an .amr audio file, but no audio app is proposed to open it. I 've got Magic Earth OpenKeyChain or Import OPML but not Music or VLC.
It is the same with some aif file I’ve got.

How could I get define the good default app to read these audio files?

Thanks !

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Maybe it’s because Music (LineageOS’ Eleven) does not support those formats, but I don’t know.

And sorry for not answering the topic :sweat_smile:


I wanted to see if it was possible to add extensions in Settings > Apps & notifications > See all > VLC/Music > Advanced > Open by default, but looks like it’s not.

Can VLC or Music at least play the file ?

According to VLC’s description, it can play AMR files. Maybe the app doesn’t register itself in the system as a handler for all the filetypes it can play. I don’t know.