Firefox/fenix preview

there is now a 1.0.0 preview of the new mozilla browser for mobile phones available, which provides lots of important privacy options and seems to work much more satisfaying than the actual bundled /e/-browser…


That would be my preference for /e/'s standard browser…

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The existing Firefox for Android is what I use, it’s currently much more feature rich than Firefox preview and the latter isn’t very stable in my experience.

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I love Firefox Preview, but there are 3 trackers in the code:

  • Adjust
  • Google Firebase Analytics
  • LeanPlum

Also, I confirm the presence of trackers in it, I’ve also checked locally even if it was already expected with ClassyShark3xodus.
While the Fenix browser is pretty usable already, it’s still missing quite many features from the original release of Firefox (To much for my taste) to be really complete, It is still in heavy development currently (Might explain the presence of those external trackers in it, compared to other Firefox release)
While it is pretty good yet, I would largely prefer to instead push for Fennec/IceCatMobile rebrand FOSS version of Firefox instead of bromite to be the latest web browser on /e/.