Firefox Releasing VPN with Wireguard

Interesting but stil beta, limited to US and not free.

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Oh, Mozilla will / needs to collect more data l, ok

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" the official site for the Firefox Private Network has everything you need to know. The service is powered by Mullvad VPN, which claims to have a no-logging policy)." - I don’t get why would someone choose that service instead of going to mullvad directly.

Wireguard is useful. I’ve helped a few people use it in places where firewalls block some VPNs; however it is still working towards version 1.0, which means it isn’t yet a stable release but in testing.
For a useful review of all VPNs look at torrentfrek and the questions they ask.
Azire VPN is good, it runs diskless with no logs and includes WireGuard and OpenVPN.
I’m still using ProtonVPN and love it.

The VPN is built by Firefox and runs on a global network of servers powered by our partner Mullvad using the WireGuard® protocol. Mullvad respects your privacy and has committed to not keep logs of any kind.

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