Firewall: does it make sense on /e/?

Hello everybody,
I recently installed the /e/ os on my phone. I am kinda new to /e/ os and am still thinking about the security-apps I installed at my old google-android… I could not find anything called “firewall”… Does it make sense to install a firewall on the /e/ os? If yes, which app? Or is all covered by the app “trust”?
Recommodations welcomed,
Regards, Roger

A lot of people are using AFWallPlus. But it needs root. In my eyes rooting a device is not good. And it’s not easy to setup. You can block your complete connections.
I never used a FW on Android. Better a tracker blocker (see your other post)

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Apart from that, with a firewall you must expect hours to examine logs, tuning rules, debugging, …
So I agree with @harvey186, a tracker blocker is a better solution.

Hi I use NetGuard which is available on /e/ store it’s a a firewall
The information states.
Blocking access to the internet can help:

  • reduce your data usage
  • save your battery
  • increase your privacy
  • Optionally block ads using a hosts file

try TrackerControl. It uses the same hosts file as Netguard, but is much easier to handle … from my site of view

In the Android’s system preferences by default there is the feature of blocking network access for any apps. The same functionality, but in a more advanced way, is implemented by AFWall+ (e.g. it allows to automatize the blocking for all newly installed apps). Unlike harvey186, I prefer to root my phone as I always use VPN and I don’t want to restrict myself because of the applications that take up its slot, so AFWall+ is good solution for me.

Wich VPN do you think is the best.

If you are using a Tracker blocker like TrackerControl or Netguard you can’t use a VPN.
If you don’t use a tracker blocker (what I don’t prefer) you can use ProtonVPN. It’s free and has good connections

Thanks for your answer.

I suggest you make your own choice with the following great resources:

Thanks. All your answers have been very helpful. I will try a few things out.

That’s the best option : try yourself and find the one which suits you :slight_smile: