First steps on e/OS FP4

Hi everyone!

I’m a completely new e/OS user. Before that I wasn’t even on android, because I’ve always got my father’s second hand’s iPhones. That is to say when he bought a new one he gave his former one to me, so I have no knowledge of android whatsoever.
I’ve just installed e/OS on a new fairphone4, and I don’t know which new steps I have to take. I’ve been guided through the installing process by a friend, that is to say I’m not a tech nerd, and I’m not yet familiar with Linux and other free open source OS.
I’ll have to transfer my data from iPhone to FP4. Do you recommend some links (video tutorial, or other formats) to guide me through these beginner steps? I mean some information about getting familiar with e/OS environment, and then about how to transfer my data from the former to the new apps?


Please see the How-tos given here for a start … Support topics.
There’s also one regarding migrating to /e/OS.


Would be interesting: What data?

Thank you, this will help!

Thanks for your interest. Mainly, I would need to transfer contacts, notes, voice memos (recorder audios), and calendar.

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