Flashing FP4 with easy installer on mac

I unlocked OEM and started the bootloader, but the installer says: “installation of user-specific operating system on your device not authorised“
Which steps could I have forgotten or could I do any change of my settings?
Thank you.

That looks like you have not successfully managed to unlock the bootloader. Check in Developer options to see whether OEM unlocking is allowed.

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Yes OEM unlocking is allowed, but now I have the problem that when the installer is ‘Checking Security Patch Level’, I get an error saying ‘Cannot get security patch information’.

Perhaps someone will tell me if I am wrong – on the FP4, Bootloader screen, I think the bottom entry will tell you if the device is still locked.

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Oh, Yes you are right. When I start the FastBoot Mode there is written in red “ DEVICE STATE - locked“.

Theoretically, then, I have made a mistake.
However, the steps to be taken beforehand are very clear.
( Unlock developer options, then allow USB debugging and OEM unlock, I have not created any accounts, so I skipped this step).
Is it also possible that there is a bug in the current version of the installer, which is why the installation is simply not possible?

These two posts may inspire ? I think we could blame Mac ?