Flashing FP4 with mac

Typed OEM, started bootloader, but the installer says: “installation of user-specific operating system on your device not authorised“
Did I forgot something?

I do not do Mac …

but I wonder what induced you to type



I meant I unlocked the OEM and typed the IMEI.

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It is my impression that there have been an unreasonable proportion of failures with #easy-installer combined with #fp4 in the past month.

I suspect that /e/ support may have spotted some shortcoming – in this thread it is reported that /e/ support was able to help two individuals.

Not long after we see an offer from /e/ support where, again a Mac, has failed in a certain early step, unlocking.

Just speculation, but Easy Installer seems to me to either freeze or freeze the FP4 in some minor way. Mac seems not to share a log Log How to (am I correct ?) so it makes it even harder for the community to help.

Maybe wait 24 hours for better advice or contact from /e/ support, but then I think it would be appropriate to email helpdesk@e.email.

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