Flip phone targeting senior citizens and being Google-free

Non-Google Android phones are still a kind of rare species. I just found one that I would like to spread the word as it is really a rare specie:
emporiaTOUCHsmart v3 is a flip mobilephone. It really looks like a 2005-like cell phone, but this little tool that is developed by an Austrian company is a full featured phone based on AndroidGo without Google Play Services. It targets senior citizens.
That’s the kind of phone that could easily run out-of-the-box with /e/ as well…

Here I found a review in English: https://www.whatgadget.net/emporia-touchsmart-v3-review/

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


There are more phones like that.
But a lot of these phones are not working with 4G or they have an own OS like KaiOS.
Also The problem with these phones is that the old 2G/3G signal is not working in the future anymore.
They are trying to push us on Google or iOS.

The fact that it comes with WhatsApp pre-installed annoys me a lot.


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