Forgot password email,

Is there an option to get it back ?

You can try and use the ‘Forgot password’ link again to get another mail.

Not possible , i can not open the mailserver.

I did reset my phone , butt forgot where i wrote the password :nauseated_face:

Can you access a PC or try on a browser and log here to get the forgot password link.

I al ready tried that. what should happen then?

If you do that, it will send a message to my email.
And i can not access that.

The lost password mail goes to the email you registered with. That would be a different ID.

You are rigth. Thank you.
Maybe i waited to long because it answers

Could not , token is not valid

I will try again to reset

It worked , thank you

And i feel very stupid :nerd_face:

Thanks for the update that you got the account working. No need to feel bad. We have all made the same mistakes. Closing the topic as it has been resolved.

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