Forum account preferences not accuately detecting OS


this is very very small thing but might be of interest to the forum admins.

Under account preferences Recently Used Devices is not accuately detecting my OS.

For me it shows “Windows Computer - unknown” but I dont have a windows computer, I use Devuan.


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If I’m not operating with outdated knowledge here, it’s your browser telling web servers this kind of stuff via the “user agent”. At least primarily, else certain JavaScript features can be polled.

Let’s start with the user agent …

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It’s also very common with some browsers/plugins faking the user agent …
So you may be happy, your real user agent won’t get broadcasted all over the net :wink:

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Thank you for the link.
In Firefox settings I had privacy.resistFingerprinting=true and this was sending out a modified/fake user agent string on purpose.
My bad.

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