Forum Limiting My Posting - Thinks I've Only Been Here One Day


The forum is still limiting my posting, giving me a popup message saying because I’ve only been here one day.

I actually joined 4 days ago.

You should be able to post now.

Ok thanks… :slight_smile:

P.S. Please ask them to change the posting limit on characters. What if someone wants to simply say only ‘Thanks’ to a post reply, you can’t, you get a popup message telling you there’s a 20 character limit.

The forum shouldn’t be limiting someone to a certaion amount of characters, if they only want to say a few words less.

hmm :frowning:

Common practice. Prevents simple “LOL” and “Yeah, me too.” posts and the likes (at least by character count, not by substance).

If you don’t have anything more to say (it happens) or if you just cite other posts resulting in Discourse falsely complaining about an empty post, and if you don’t want to fill up the post with “bla bla 20 characters” etc. … just use invisible characters like formatting, e.g. <strike></strike> (which would bump up a simple “No.” to 20 characters already :wink: ).

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